Wiring diagram help

So all I have left to do is wire in the relays and I will be up and running. I have the fridge wiring diagram but there are so many components that I am concerned about wiring into the wrong place. I could just wire into an outlet but if I am going this far I thought it was “doing it right” to wire into the compressor.

Would someone mind providing some guidance on where to put the cooling relay and also if there is a good/safe way to power the heat pad without a second plug by cutting the 2nd relay in as well.

I removed the thermostat so I am wondering if I can just connect the relay in its place.

Here is a link to the wiring diagram

Happy to post pics of the fridge if it helps

Thanks for the continued help.


I realized there are multiple thermostats. The one I removed was in the fridge chamber. I assume it is the ambient thermostat

I think the one you would want to remove and replace by an SSR would be the thermostat in cold control. I’d say that’s the one in the fridge.
I interpret the diagram as: the thermostat enables the compressor, unless the defrost timer breaks the connection once in a while. This ensures that the fridge back won’t freeze even when it has to cool a lot. The defrost timer or/and defrost thermostat can enable the defrost heater.

The ambient temp probably measures the air temp outside the fridge to drive the fan and evaporator.

Turns out that there are two thermostats inside the fridge. One sits on the cooling coil and the other has the user adjustable dial. No re,over the adjustable one and jumped it with a piece of wire. That started the fridge right up, so I am going to assume that is the one that I want. Through holes are all drilled in the fridge and hopefully I will be finishing up the wiring this weekend. Thanks!