Yet another Can't find device

Hi, I find a lot of threads regarding no device found but nothing that helps me.

Just got my Spark3 with 0.5.2. I’m using a raspi type B. I’ve installed it with I can connect to web server and it say’s Script not running, log says “can’t find serial”

I’ve changes USB cables, I do have a 2+A supply.

I can’t get any tty connection, only ttyAMA0

Any ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I actually recommend following the instructions on the new wiki to install with docker:

This however, is unrelated to your problem. If you connect it to a PC, do you see it there?

I think all the other times I encountered this, yet another USB cable was the fix.

I can’t believe it, the fifth cable did saccutally work, all cables that are working “normally” only one out of five? Next issue is “Permission denied: '/var/www/html/data/My First BrewPi Run/” which I hope I can solve. Any hints except permission rights are welcome. I can’t wait to get this thing to control my next brew.

Update: I did a fresh install on my ubuntu server with docker, I setup the WiFi on S3, did the instruction and it all worked, even better now. I’m happy geezer :slight_smile:

cheers, tord

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