Yikes on the update

Ran the update. From a much older version somewhere around 8months ago was the last… I wasn’t in the brewery when I ran it. It fired off both elements and smoked them. then the spark wouldn’t update from the HMI so I ran flash from terminal and now it just says “waiting for data store” on the HMI

That’s not good. I’ll make a note to add some checks for older updates, as these huge jumps are becoming unpredictable.

The ctl flash stops all running services. What happens if you run brewblox-ctl up and force reload the UI?

If that does not solve the problem, could you please run brewblox-ctl log?

No go. Also ran flash. once I run flash, I have to re run update to get HMI to load past “waiting for datastore” but still says spark is out of date.
Spark screen is white with fast flashing green light

This is likely due to an outdated bootloader.

Your log shows an older version of docker as well, so a system package update is in order.

brewblox-ctl down
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
brewblox-ctl particle -c flash-bootloader
brewblox-ctl flash
brewblox-ctl enable-ipv6

When that is done, power cycle the Pi, and try starting the system with brewblox-ctl up

Doing this now, just curious why do I want to enable ipv6. also, I have my spark plugged in via usb all the time to the pi. is there and benefit to disabling wifi on the spark

Explicitly enabling IPv6 fixes a bug in Docker networking. We don’t actually care about IPv6 itself.

If the Spark has wifi, it will automatically download bootloaders.

I recommend to install float switches between the Spark and the SSR, so your heating elements can only turn on when there is water in the kettle.


Yeah we have talked about this in the past. I can for the rims tube but was waiting to buy a new element that was shorter to accommodate the switch ( so that will be happening now). The kettle is just not an option without sending the kettle out to have another tc port welded in!!

This was a solid fix. Again thank you for the amazing support. And a serious reason to justify a shorter element to my wife!!! Lol

In my herms panel I have both a manual override switch and a float switch between the spark and SSR.

The pins going high in bootloader mode is not good, but it is largely out of our control.

I think it would be a good idea to add a disclaimer in the cli tool saying: disconnect power to heating elements and other actuators and don’t leave the system unattended during updates.

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It probably goes without saying to not leave it un attended. I just had zero F$&@s to give. And paid the price!!

Also this just happened. First time ever.

It’s a small effort for us to include some warnings, especially given the potentially dangerous and expensive consequences.

How long had the page been active, and were you doing anything specific when it froze?

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Sorry for the delay. I did have the unit running for a few days with no input and I turned on the pump. Will this become an issue when I love to fermentation set up

UI freezeups are annoying, but relatively harmless. Actual control will continue as normal if the UI freezes up.

That said, I’ll keep an eye out for (potential) freezeups in the Quick Actions widget.

That is where it happened was in the quick action widget.