Arduino Shield Alternatives

Hi everyone! My family got me everything for the BrewPi set-up for the holidays, but got it off Amazon b/c we are all state-side and they were buying late (I told them to get it from you guys… :/) except for the Arduino shield. I’m pretty new to the programming and hardware side of this, so I’m sorry in advance if this is a dumb question. I’ve seen that BrewPi isn’t making the Arduino shields anymore, and I don’t have the cash to get the new Spark (although it looks awesome!). Does anyone know what my best route might be moving forward? Thanks!

I still have a few at the office, they might be used for testing but otherwise fine. Tested even :wink:

Send me a PM or e-mail and I’ll help you get one.

Hey Elco,
I am not sure how many you might have but if @gpack doesn’t need/want one or what ever the case may be, I would be very Interested in getting one. I am still going to get the brew spark but I also would like the old shield if you have an extra you want to give up. I am in the same boat, I got the Pi, and the uno, and went to get the shield and noticed that it was out of stock and you was not making them anymore.


I’ll take a look tomorrow how many I have left and I’ll let you know.

Awesome! thanks Elco

@Elco as time goes on and you develop and add to the software for Brewpi Spark, will the Arduino get the same updates?

I’ve finally got mine up and running and it’s running a test on an FV full of water but seems to be holding up well, and hopefully got a couple of fellow home brewers to convert to Brewpi from their current STC1000’s.

We split the software into a hardware specific part (low level drivers) and a high level application part (control).
This will allow us to use the application layer on both platforms, so yes: the Arduino will still be supported.


If available, I would like one please.

I would also like a Brew-Pi Arduino Shield. At least the board and the parts would suffice, it doesnt need to be soldered together. The PCB you used looks like it has some extra small chips on it? I’m worried if I try and build a shield from scratch that it wont work right because my PCBs are different.

Hopefully you have some of these left?


Take a look at this - [Do it yourself Brewpi Arduino shield][1]

it was published on the brewpi website, not sure how much it has progressed in terms of additions, but so long as you have an arduino, pi and some sensor and a switch you can get it working

I saw that, If I did it that way, its not going to be as “Sexy” as the original because I don’t have the extra child boards for the LCD, switch and connectors. Seems worth it to use the manufactured Shield… This guy put it in a box… I plan to laser cut the original enclosure so it looks nice :smile:

There is an active DIY. Forum thread going on over at hbt. They are even building in LCD support all using protoshield layouts.

HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

As an alternative to the new BrewPi Spark I’d like to offer a cheap headless version in the future.

The Spark is just a much better platform than Arduino and with the Photon coming, not more expensive.

I think the cheaper DIY version will have:

  • Spark headers
  • OneWire
  • RS-485
  • 3 or 4 outputs
  • No display
  • No enclosure
  • No DC-DC converter

Really just a bare minimals board that is cheap and small.

How does that sound?



That sounds great. The only issue is keeping the shipping cost down for overseas buyers.



I wouldn’t think shipping would be much if you chose NL non tracked. Thats what I did And it didn’t cost much. But it also depends on stuff you buy at one time

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Hey Elco,

I’m also very much interested in getting one. Me and a group of friends are definitely going to build this. We’re in the process of getting all the materials (the fridge particularly) and have been reading the instructions several times. Since we already have most of the electronics (i have plenty of arduinos and pis around the house) we would really like to get this.

Do you still have any pcbs?

I’ve got a few I just had printed up… Give me some time to make sure I can get everything working with 1 and I’d be happy to sell off the other 2 PCBs I have… They made me do 3 as the minimum order…!7697&authkey=!AI0HSZ9pblspuL8&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cpng

Zapbbx, How do you get them printed? or who did you go through? That looks awesome

Had them makde up at:

I’ve got the 2 temp sensors working, The LCD… But I had the 2.0 Acrylic case cut out, which doesn’t quite match this version of the board… This isn’t the version of the board that Elko outlines in the soldering guide… So, I’m going to have to work a little magic to avoid messing up the case…

I am in the same boat, I think I got one of the last 3 shields (had I paid closer attention i might have bought them all). Now I am left with waiting for multi-chamber support, or building my own shield

Any thought on making the original layout files available so anyone could order them up from


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