Brewblox configuration on screen

I have had the Spark 3 for several years and had issues initially getting the install done. I think I just finished the install and flash to the Spark 3. but could use some pointers to how to finish the configuration/setup (YouTube video or ?) for the brewery layout. I have an RPI 3B+ connected to the Spark 3 plus 4 temperature probes to support two 13 CF freezers with 2 Blichmann 14 gal fermenters. each set gets 2 temperature probes 1 against the fermenter insulated, and one in the air half way up. I also have a muffin fan constantly on to circulate the air through a 6 inch pvc pipe with a 100 watt light bulb for heat… I also have two Tilts, two Tilt repeaters, and a TiltPI which seem to work.
I will start going through the postings but BrewBlox is all new to me. I have two batches coming out around the end of the month and ideal for me would be to get BrewBlox up and running for the next batch
Thanks in advance

I have made some progress and will move the setup to my fermenters, both full right now, tomorrow. Then I will work on my Tilts integration.

A good way to familiarize yourself with the system is to run various quick start wizards, and click on things to see what happens. It’s a few seconds work to remove dashboards / layouts and re-run the wizard, so you won’t suddenly break everything.

Getting started: fermentation fridge | Brewblox provides an overview of what you’ll find on a dashboard after running a wizard. It’s written using the Fermentation Fridge in mind, but it’s broadly relevant for all wizards.

Brewblox control chains | Brewblox is a starting point for understanding the mechanics at work.

Some notes for your specific configuration:

  • For your two freezers, you can simply run the Fermentation Fridge setup twice.
  • If you wish to use the combined input of your two sensors, you can create a Temp Sensor (Combined) block. Set it to use both sensors, and edit the Setpoint block to use the new Temp Sensor (Combined).
  • To add a Tilt service, run brewblox-ctl add-tilt on your Pi. Once it is up and running, the values can be selected in a Graph widget.

Ok, still trying. Trying to do the setup on page 7 of control chains for 2 fermenters. Fermenter1 uses blue tilt, but frig Sensor is 1, beer Sensor is 2, top1 is freezer ssr, top2 is heat ssr. Fermenter2 uses yellow tilt, but frig Sensor is 3, beer Sensor is 4, bottom1 is freezer ssr, bottom2 is heat ssr. I have not attempted integration of the Tilts at this point. I am trying to use the wizards but cannot seem to get both set up or give the the fermenters names like fermenter1 fermenter2.
At this point this is operating as a stand alone in my office and planned deployment to fermenters will be after 7 Dec when fermenter2 beer gets kegged.
My trouble/confusion comes when I attempt using the fermentation wizard for fermenter2.
Is the fermentation wizard the right place to start?

In the wizard, it asks you to keep blocks or make a clean start. Choose “keep blocks”.

There is a naming step, where you can pick the overall name. Set “fermenter 1”/"fermenter 2” here.

If still unclear I could make a short video of running the wizards.

Thank you for your time and support and I will start again after clearing last attempt. As a side query years ago I purchased the needed one wire parts for my Brew system, 10 gallon yield it has seven 2 way electric valves and one 3 way valve and I forget how many temperature sensors. My question is regarding the upcoming Spark4 release and options for implementation is if my original ordered components are compatible with the Spark4.
Thank you again,

Yes, existing components are compatible with the Spark 4. The Spark 4 is also no longer “upcoming”, as it is now available in the store.

Thanks Bob,
I will look into that, Spark4 configuration for brewing later.
I now have Fermenter 1 & 2 saved and the Spark3 display looks good too. I will look at the built control chains to feel more comfortable that the mutex is there. My next look-see is going to be how to setup the profile fermentation like 2 stage lager from BeerSmith, also Ale profiles.
Thank you again for your time and support, soon I hope to be much better!

Quick follow-up Bob,
Is there a single or dual temperature calibration recommended? If it is a single temperature would calibration at 60°F be best for ales and lagers? My temperature range should be between 70°F and 38°F for both styles.

For the Tilt, you want at least 3-6 calibration values inside your range. For Spark sensors, it’s a single offset, so just measure at the most relevant temperature.

Thanks again for the insight. I have not yet looked for integration of my two Tilts (plus two Tilt Repeaters) with the BrewPI Spark3 BrewBlox is ther an existing process pointer for integration?
Thanks in advance,
Update: my TiltPI is an 8gb RPI4 w/32gb sd card. I can also upgrade it to support boot/run from an SSD USB drive (already done that for 2 other RPI4s).

On your Pi, run brewblox-ctl add-tilt. The Tilt will show up as service in the UI, and you can select values in Graph widgets for all Tilts in range.

Safe to assume that means beer sensor update for each fermenter? Is there any capture for the SG, or is that only available in the TiltPI app?
Thanks again Bob you have been a great help on my learning curve.

SG, Plato, and temperature in both C and F are published.
In the next update, you can also show Tilt temperature + SG in the fermentation layout.

Nice, any timeline for update yet?
Also I may have to start all over because I cannot SSH into my RPI3B+. I am not sure if I did not activate SSH or forgot my RPI ID & PW. At least I am more familiar with the process…

Typically, you can check the Pi IP address in your router. Depending on your system, you could also try

ping raspberrypi
ping raspberrypi.local

If the IP address is correct, but it won’t connect to host, you could try unplugging and restarting the Pi.

You probably don’t need to reinstall.

Interesting, I do know the IP address but still cannot get to ID & PW screen with Mint Linux 20.2 using PuTTY, times out with no ID prompt.
Also I updated my PW in the BrewPI Community, but cannot log in from Mint Linux Firefox to the community. This was sent from my tablet, android, which I was already logged into. I hope I do not loose my login capability once I log out

Unplug and reconnect power to reset the Pi then. Sometimes it hangs, especially after big changes.

I think we have a “forgot my password” button on the forum.

In my Mint Linux using Firefox trying to log in, after reboot, I get incorrect username, email, or password and I have tried both user name and email. If I am logged in on my tablet will I get that response if trying to do another login on my Mint Linux?
I am just afraid if I log out of my tablet I won’t be able to log back in.

You can be logged in on multiple browsers/devices at the same time.