Brewblox release 2020/06/23

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Brewblox release 2020/06/23

firmware release date: 2020/06/23

To fix issues with potential hangups in DS2413/DS2408 extension boards, we rewrote the code for OneWire devices to be simpler and better testable.

Down the line, this also allows for using simulated OneWire blocks in the firmware sim, and better feedback for when faulty devices are connected to the bus.


  • (improve) OneWire classes for DS18B20, DS2413 and DS2408 have been rewritten from scratch.
  • (improve) Mock implementations of these devices and a mocked OneWire bus have been added.
  • (improve) Simulation and unit testing of OneWire hardware is now possible and has been added.
  • (improve) OneWire communication errors are now simulated and tested
  • (improve) Added the --no-pull option to brewblox-ctl setup. This can be used for configurations that explicitly want to use locally built or retagged images.
  • (fix) Fixed sizing and alignment for some icons in Builder parts.

Automation changes

  • (fix) Blocks with only readonly fields can now be used in Block Value conditions.
  • (improve) Changed “exit process” tooltip in automation widget to “close and remove process”.
  • (feature) Request headers are now editable in the Webhook action.
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Brewing this week so I see a new release. Did the upgrade and seems to have worked. Had some brown text at the end that has me wondering though. Does this look as though the update was successful ???


Everything is fine, but you need to run a command to apply changes:

exec $SHELL --login
brewblox-ctl update

“exec $shell --login”
from the brewblox directory ?

I get invalid option ??

The command is case sensitive

Ah… then do the "brewblox-ctl update again ??

The update will skip what’s already up to date, but double checks that everything works.

the update looks much different this time !! So far so good !!

Finished, reclaimed a bunch of space, no warning or messages.

Should I do a restart ??

No need. Everything works again.

Says firmware update for the spark-one available, doing that now…

That didn’t seem to work…

Think I found it… my Pi-Server lost its wifi connection somehow…
running brewblox-ctl flash over usb and seems to be working

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You can retry the update. If that doesn’t work, you can run

brewblox-ctl flash

Did the brewblox-ctl flash and it finished successfully !!! Thanks for the Help !!

Is there a restart for the spark controller ??

In the UI, go to the spark page, and you can use the action menu in the top right corner to reboot the controller.

Back on June 15th I started a topic about datastore flashing on the bottom of the screen. I have that again now.

Going back, you had me do compose up -d --force-recreate datastore that does not seem to be working, I get this…

Could you please run brewblox-ctl log?
After that, you can restart the datastore by running

docker-compose up -d --force-recreate datastore

(docker-compose, not compose)

Sorry, can’t read now either !!!

back up and running !!! Not sure what is going on with the datastore. I’m 0 for 2 with that not working… Had to do a couple of brewblox down and ups but all is working now. As always, Thanks for your support !!

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Hello Bob,

I have just run the update, all seemed to go well and the Spark firmware update was successful.

I have been able to set a constant fridge temperature (the fridge is empty right now - brewing tomorrow). This all seems to be working, the fridge graphic is updating as expected and the values shown match what is on the front of the Spark.

However, I have a Metric widget, which displays some of the stats that I care about. These all show as not having been updated recently. The two Tilts are not available now as I have racked off the beer and they are off. But the Office (room temp probe) and the beer sensor should both be reading current values.

Any ideas? Currently just looks to be cosmetic, but interested to sort this out as I refer to these frequently.