BrewPi Mobile App


Should be ready for iOS beta testing tonight if anyone is interested. DM me your email address.


Let me know when the iOS testing is done and you have an Android apk.



Just tested with brewpi only on this (I dont have a tilt…yet) works great. For my set up some tweaking was needed as I install in /var/www/html/brewpi so pulled the git checkout to api inside that, then had to change config.php to reflect the different dir to
$webUiDirectory = ‘/var/www/html/brewpi’;
then it just worked.
Nice little app


Glad to hear it’s working well! I’ll try to elaborate in the setup instructions regarding the directory structure.


Hi Nick, Can i test your app?


Need your email address.


Just released another version for testing that allows for adding multiple instances of any integration. Current integrations available are BrewPi and Tilt Hydrometer.


Thats ok! But i cant send you an direct message…can you send me one?



Latest release adds Tilt Hydrometer data coming from the BrewPi via the sibowler integration.


Looking good, may I suggest adding attenuation to the Tilt data (it might require a little rejig of the UI or having it appear when clicking on the current gravity).


That should be doable.


Cheers, I think it would be useful e.g. ramping temperature when attenuation hits 50%.


Something like that should work.


That looks great, I well send you a pm later about testing it :slight_smile:


This is looking pretty awesome! Have you had time to make any progress on the Android apk?


I did spin it up in Android Studio about a week ago. There were some issues with the animations, so I bagged it for now. Overall it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it usable, just frustrating that it’s not working out of the box, as it should.



Is there a chance to try the app?
Is it already available to the public, or just a personal project?


If you use an iPhone, I can invite you to test.


@nickhough, how can I have access to this app?


Fabiano da Mata


I’ll be publishing it to the app store soon.