BrewPi Mobile App


Will it be in Play Store?


Not immediately. At this point I’ve been focusing on iOS only.


Nick, can I Beta test this? Love the Idea. I’d love to try and contribute as well.



Nick, has this been released on App store yet?


Hey Richard -

I haven’t had a chance to push it live. It’s been a crazy couple months around here (new baby, employee changes, minor surgery). I didn’t get any bug reports from testers, so I guess I could roll out the last version we tested. What do you think?



Congrats on the new arrival and job, not so good. news about minor surgery though.

I did not find any issues with the setup and data when using the app. I would suggest that it could be released and then see if any bugs are found after go live.



Modern Brewer


I’m ready to give this a try but,
Where is the required BrewPi API set?



Thanks Nick.

I followed the installation instructions and verified the files are in the correct directories.

I’m on the road trying to get this to work over my VPN using the IP address and port 8080 but continue to get the same Cannot connect to the BrewPi API message.

Any additional steps I should try?


I’d need more details. If you’re using a VPN, you’ll want to use the IP of the BrewPi on your network, not your modem’s public IP. And you may not need the port either. If you want to shoot me a PM, I can try to help you troubleshoot.


Hi @nickhough - Congrats on the new arrival!

Do you think you’ll be in a position to push out an Android Beta any time soon - I’m very jealous of the Apple one.


Right in the middle of a remodel and then a move. And business is crazy busy, so… probably not anytime soon. Sorry!


No worries! Hope it all goes well.


I just installed this and got it all working, through a VPN too! thanks!


I just bought the app but no success. I’ve been using docker to install and on a ubuntu server. I added the API at


which I hope was the right spot, please advice if wrong.

cheers, tord


I’m not familiar with the docker setup, so I couldn’t be of much help right now. Maybe some of the other folks that have got the app installed might be able to advise how to get it working with docker.


Thanks very much for putting this app together @nickhough!

I struggled a bit getting the API to work with the app but realized that following the GitHub instructions installs the API files in a subdirectory of /var/www/html/api/ called brewpi.api. I was able to move all those files to the regular API directory and the app connects without difficulty. Thanks again!

Any update on possibly updating the app with graphing and the ability to change settings?


Hey @Lateknightucd -

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘regular API directory’.

Regarding updates, I’ve been holding off any any new development, as the BrewPi team is working on a real API that the app could utilize. I also haven’t had time to brew much lately, so I haven’t been keeping up on how they’re progressing with the API.



Sorry, I was typing on mobile and tried to save myself some characters. The GitHub instructions install the API in /var/www/html/api/brewpi.api/ while the app appears to be looking at /var/www/html/api/. Moving everything from /var/www/html/api/brewpi.api/ to /var/www/html/api/ cleared up the issue.