BrewPi Mobile App


I think you missed the dot on step 3 of the installation.


Right you are! Thanks!


Does this work with legacy branch?


I couldn’t tell you, I haven’t done anything with the legacy branch.


I’m running Legacy and could test it out when you have an Android version.


Just purchased the app before reading all the way to the end of the topic. I’m running the legacy software with sbowler’s Tilt integration so I guess I’ll be testing it out!


Just installed the API on my (legacy) brewpi and it looks like it’s working as advertised. Thanks to @nickhough for a cool app and easy installation!


Cool stuff going on here! @Elco How are things with the new front end? Are you still going with Quasar? I haven’t got any experience with that but I’ve tried out bunch of other “single codebase / cross platform” frameworks. Seems like a sensible way to go to me.


@nickhough So to clarify the App, works on iOS and will continue to support the new BrewPi api that @Elco is working on, that should be close to done in 2-3 months from what I last heard? Assuming that is true, will that app be able to remotely access the Brewpi when not on a local network if I wanted to check status on my fermenters when not at home? Will it have the same functions/capabilities as the brewpi interface for configuring or is it intended for just monitoring/logging etc? TIA


No, that’s not correct. The app I’ve built has no integration with the official BrewPi API - as there wasn’t one when I built this app.

As far as functionality, as of right now it’s read only. When the API is released, I’ll review and go from there.