BrewPI replacing FTSS controller

Hey @Elco looking forward to the new BrewPI. You mentioned you use it as a replacement for the FTSS controller. Are any additional components needed to do this?

See this topic:

The easiest way is to build this is to use DC-DC SSRs, which we have in the store:

You can use the SSR to toggle the 12V to the pump and heating pad. The SSR will be directly driven by the BrewPi Spark. You will need a 12V power supply.

Hi I am a total noob but would like to use a BrewPi V3 to control my ss brewtech 7 gal conical. My intention is to use a glycol chiller and the SS Brewtech FTSS pump, heater pad and Power supply. I have read a lot of the threads relating to my planned system. I am planning on building a two vessel control panel to use once the update is released) so I know that I will need 4 of the DC-DC SSRs (two per vessel) as well as the barrel plugs for the pump & heater connection. What I am not clear on is how exactly to wire the system.

From my research on the forum I know that the setup I am planning is pretty close to the the one by @Elco and was hoping he would be willing to post the wiring diagram that he used to build his controller. I am most definitely going to buy I just want to have everything diagrammed out so I don’t screw it up. Thanks in advance!!


I have an extension board in production that is a drop-in replacement for the FTSS.
Plug in 12V power, plug in the pump, plug in the heater (all barrel jack) and connect to the Spark with an RJ12 cable.

Same chip as our SSR extension board, but with 2 big transistors to switch up to 10A DC.

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That’s awesome do you have an estimate on whrn it will be available in the store?

@Elco I am ready to buy the extension board for FTSS. When do you think it will be for sale?

I haven’t finished an enclosure for it yet, but you can buy the bare board.

Am I to understand that using this expansion board + BrewPi + Sensor(s) and Powersupply is all I need to replace the FTSS controller?

So no need for SSR’s?

I did the replacement last week. You don’t need a power supply other than the stock FTSS brick. Spark + expansion board + temperature probe will suffice.

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To clarify, you need to power the spark in some way. I have mine hooked up via usb to the pi so it gets power that way.

For completeness, I confirm the above. Spark + sensors + expansion board.

From the original kit: 12V power supply, heating pad, pump.

Great… Just ordered the kit. Used to have great fun with the old arduino set until my fridge died on me a few years back. Looking forward to replacing the crap controller used by SS with a new BrewPi. Thanks for your help…