BrewPi Smoker Controller

Before you say "The Onewire sensor cannot handle the temperature range of a grill hear me out!

Can you use this Analog to Digital converter or one like?

Buy a kit like this:

And you would be able to have multiple probes and create custom profiles for custom smokes, etc.

This would open an entire new market for the brewpi if Elco sold these temp probes :).



Instead, you could build a HeaterMeter which uses a Raspberry Pi and AVR chip to specifically control a smoker:

The HeaterMeter uses a different PID algorithm and parameters better suited to controlling a smoker, so this would be a better route. As with BrewPi, the HeaterMeter’s RPi hosts a web-accessible site so that one could access it anywhere. In addition, there are iOS and Android apps that make use from a smartphone very simple.