BrewPi Spark 3 rebooting

Sometime in the last two weeks (I’ve been away on vacation), my BrewPi Spark 3 started having problems.

Not sure if it’s related, but my Raspberry Pi also had issues (Linux filesystem problems on the SD card).

The Spark 3 will be at the logo screen with the “Tap screen to re-calibrate touch” message. After 2-3 minutes, there will be a beep and it will reset. It will do this indefinitely. When I power it off and back on, it will start working again, but only for a couple of hours.

The Spark 3 is running firmware 0.5.10 (has been since I got it in January).

I’ve fixed the Raspberry Pi by swapping out the SD card for a new one and installing the docker image on it.

Any pointers on how to get my Spark working again would be appreciated.


Any ideas from anyone?

We saw reboot issues a while ago in the new software. Those were caused by a problem in the wifi handler.

I however don’t know whether an automatic system update from Particle may have introduced the issue in the BrewPi firmware.

It’s something @Elco may be able to answer.

I have not seen these issues with the BrewPi 0.5.10 firmware before.

Would you like to upgrade to BrewBlox? It is our new platform that will replace BrewPi and supercharges your existing hardware with new features and multiprocess support.

If the problem still persists on BrewBlox, I would like to investigate it deeper.

Thanks for the replies Bob and Elco. I’m running my Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Stretch (fresh install, and updated as of Sunday) with a wired ethernet connection (no wifi). I’m running a USB cable between the Raspberry Pi and the Spark 3.

I’ll try BrewBlox and report back if the issue persists or is resolved.



I’ve been having wifi and database issues with a new install of BrewBlox and experienced this issue no more than 10 minutes ago. I’ve reverted to connecting via USB in the last 48 hours to try and remove variables.
I’m about to try and update again and re-flash the firmware to see if it helps.
I’ll keep you updated as well.

Known database issues are described at They’re a pain in the ass we’re still trying to resolve.

If I read this correctly, your problem is that the Spark keeps rebooting on the “touch to start calibration” screen?

Hi Bob,

No my spark is displaying 3 temperatures from 3 probes that I setup when I could get a connection to the spark. I still can’t see it but that’s a separate issue.
I was getting the wiring setup for the relays on my fermentation fridge when it rebooted.
I’ve checked for loose wiring and that doesn’t appear to be the issue.

Could you please run brewblox-ctl log and post the result?

Sure but I’m not sure it will give you a lot as I can’t see any services due to the datastore issue.
I’ve been messing with it so much trying to make it work I’m not 100% sure the problem isn’t me any more.
Will post the log in a few moments.

See the following URL.
Looking at the “spark-one” logs I’m seeing the following.

spark-one_1  | 2019/08/18 11:26:58 INFO     __main__                        INI: firmware_version='b8931800', firmware_date='2019-08-06 19:27:50 +0200', proto_version='7a2a6a9', proto_date='2019-07-15 11:18:35 +0200', system_version='1.2.1-rc.2'
spark-one_1  | 2019/08/18 11:26:58 INFO     __main__                        CONFIG: host='', port='5000', output='None', name='spark-one', debug='False', eventbus_host='eventbus', eventbus_port='5672', simulation='False', device_host='', device_port='8332', device_serial='None', device_id='460045000551353532343835', discovery='all', list_devices='False', broadcast_exchange='brewcast', broadcast_interval='5', sync_exchange='syncast', mdns_host='', mdns_port='5000', volatile='False', skip_version_check='False'
spark-one_1  | 2019/08/18 11:26:59 INFO     brewblox_service.service        Service info: 0.5.2-189-g0fda4f0 @ Wed Aug  7 11:13:40 UTC 2019
spark-one_1  | 2019/08/18 11:26:59 INFO         Closing <EventListener for "eventbus">
spark-one_1  | 2019/08/18 11:26:59 INFO     ...ox_devcon_spark.broadcaster  Starting Broadcaster
spark-one_1  | 2019/08/18 11:26:59 INFO     ...ox_devcon_spark.api.sse_api  Starting SSEPublisher
spark-one_1  | 2019/08/18 11:26:59 INFO     ..._devcon_spark.communication  Connection failed: ConnectionRefusedError([Errno 111] Connect call failed ('', 8332))

Interesting tidbit that will help me help you.
Chrome (normal) doesn’t display the “spark-one” service or actions menu.
Chrome (incognito) and Firefox do display the “spark-one” service or actions menu but cannot connect to the controller.
I will in future check in multiple browsers before asking for help.

That is a new symptom. In regular chrome, when you open the dev tab (ctrl+shift+i), and go to the network tab before refreshing the page, does it show a 502 error when it tries to access the datastore?

You said earlier you were reverting to USB. You do realise your docker-compose.yml file still has --device-host specified? Replace that line with --discovery=usb to only use USB connections.

Ok so I’ve got something working and a Ferment is in progress via a profile (awesome).

I can confirm that I CAN see everything working correctly via Firefox and Chrome incognito.e.g.

Regular Chrome still shows nothing. e.g.

These are the errors from Chrome

Happy to help if I can
How do I move this to a different thread as it’s not really related to the original problem ?

I added a new topic for it. In your network tab, could you check that request, and see what the response content was?

Ok what do you want to see? There is a lot going on in this window!

The tab now showing “nothing to preview”, switch that to the “response” tab please.

Response contains the following HTML when I have the IP address at the top selected.

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=en><head><meta charset=utf-8><meta http-equiv=X-UA-Compatible content="IE=edge"><meta name=viewport content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1"><link rel=icon href=/favicon.ico><title>BrewBlox</title><link href=/css/chunk-05bfef06.bb08ff6d.css rel=prefetch><link href=/css/chunk-56cbcb40.246e553d.css rel=prefetch><link href=/css/chunk-7ad7c940.86aa8ba4.css rel=prefetch><link href=/js/chunk-05bfef06.384b5721.js rel=prefetch><link href=/js/chunk-10412022.47542048.js rel=prefetch><link href=/js/chunk-2d0e6104.917d9bb5.js rel=prefetch><link href=/js/chunk-2d218056.86250f11.js rel=prefetch><link href=/js/chunk-2d230c65.ad2495ca.js rel=prefetch><link href=/js/chunk-56cbcb40.a0d69435.js rel=prefetch><link href=/js/chunk-7ad7c940.ab2b814d.js rel=prefetch><link href=/css/app.ce0894ad.css rel=preload as=style><link href=/css/chunk-vendors.a6047b3b.css rel=preload as=style><link href=/js/app.d37a523d.js rel=preload as=script><link href=/js/chunk-vendors.8f651fff.js rel=preload as=script><link href=/css/chunk-vendors.a6047b3b.css rel=stylesheet><link href=/css/app.ce0894ad.css rel=stylesheet></head><body><noscript><strong>We're sorry but BrewBlox doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue.</strong></noscript><div id=q-app></div><script src=/js/chunk-vendors.8f651fff.js></script><script src=/js/app.d37a523d.js></script></body></html>

Many other options to click on in name but most have no data to display.
A couple of Javascripts and a css

This is also returned by the requests colored red (datastore/brewblox-ui-store)?

No. When I click on all of the red lines (both brewblox-ui-store and datastore) I get “This request has no response data available”