BrewPi Spark 3 rebooting


Sometime in the last two weeks (I’ve been away on vacation), my BrewPi Spark 3 started having problems.

Not sure if it’s related, but my Raspberry Pi also had issues (Linux filesystem problems on the SD card).

The Spark 3 will be at the logo screen with the “Tap screen to re-calibrate touch” message. After 2-3 minutes, there will be a beep and it will reset. It will do this indefinitely. When I power it off and back on, it will start working again, but only for a couple of hours.

The Spark 3 is running firmware 0.5.10 (has been since I got it in January).

I’ve fixed the Raspberry Pi by swapping out the SD card for a new one and installing the docker image on it.

Any pointers on how to get my Spark working again would be appreciated.



Any ideas from anyone?


We saw reboot issues a while ago in the new software. Those were caused by a problem in the wifi handler.

I however don’t know whether an automatic system update from Particle may have introduced the issue in the BrewPi firmware.

It’s something @Elco may be able to answer.


I have not seen these issues with the BrewPi 0.5.10 firmware before.

Would you like to upgrade to BrewBlox? It is our new platform that will replace BrewPi and supercharges your existing hardware with new features and multiprocess support.

If the problem still persists on BrewBlox, I would like to investigate it deeper.


Thanks for the replies Bob and Elco. I’m running my Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Stretch (fresh install, and updated as of Sunday) with a wired ethernet connection (no wifi). I’m running a USB cable between the Raspberry Pi and the Spark 3.

I’ll try BrewBlox and report back if the issue persists or is resolved.