BrewPi Spark 3 seems bricked by flash update

Last night I updated to Brewblox release 2021/03/09 via brewblox-ctl update, followed by using the freshly-updated UI to agree to flash the Spark, followed by what appeared to be a flash success, followed by an invitation to flash again (which quickly failed), followed by a CLI command to brewblox-ctl flash. Then nothing but crickets from the Spark.

I go downstairs to check on it and the Spark is lifeless: no screen activity, no LEDs, no amount of unplugging the 12V power barrel or the USB connection to the RPi makes any difference. I took apart the case and have held in both the reset and the setup buttons, still no life.

Is my Spark bricked? It has worked flawlessly for 2+ years, over several software and firmware flashes.

What model Spark is this?
If you connect it over USB to your Pi, what is the output from lsusb?

If you put it in bootloader mode manually by holding the setup button during reset for 5 seconds, do you get a flashing yellow LED?
If so, try flashing again while it is in bootloader mode.

Regardless of which power source is plugged in, or which sequence of button holds / presses I do, I can’t get any obvious reaction from the Spark. I assume the little LED next to the screen is the one I’m meant to watch for signs of life.

Is that with all peripherals disconnected and powered just from USB?

Yes, everything is taken out and I’ve tried with both types of power supply, including both at the same time and each individually. I’m confident that the USB power supply is a good one. No signs of life from the Spark.

Strange. The flashing process should be pretty much fail safe. If the problem is a failed flash, it can probably be revived with JTAG.
I can give that a try if you ship it back to us.