BrewPi Spark 3 update (almost ready!)


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Hi guys, Just a quick update on the BrewPi Spark 3. We’re getting really close to release now. Injection molded casing I hoped we could release tomorrow, but we were not 100% happy with the new enclosure after the first test run of the mold. Let me illustrate with some photos.   Casing front first…


Morning Elco,

You’ll be announcing when the item is in the store?



Today is the day? Can’t wait to press the buy now button!


Not yet, but it looks like this week is the week!

Just got the 4th test batch of enclosures. Quick photo:


Looking great! I’ll wait in patience :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for this product. Been waiting patiently and the chamber is ready for it. Still looking like this week or any chance of a pre-order?


I’m wondering the same thing. I would love to know when I can get this ordered…


I will receive another test batch of enclosures (nr 5!) tomorrow. These should be good according to the supplier, if they indeed are, we can ramp up production quickly and start selling on Monday. I’m not happy with the delays either, but after all the time I put into this new hardware release, I want it to look perfect too.


I check almost daily for the release of v3. As some others, I am ready to go with all of the other parts for my fermentation chamber. I’ve searched and have not found anything like the spark. I feel Ike an impatient child waiting for the release. :grin:

I hope you are having enough made…can’t wait.


Good news, enclosures are good now!

Release date: Monday


Can we pre-order the the spark v3?


Will this include the release of the new software version?


This is great, I’ll be watching tomorrow. I look forward to integrating this into my glycol setup.


Anyone know if it’s Monday in the Netherlands? :wink:


It doesn’t appear - at least as of yet that the Spark 3 is available in the store. Hopefully it will be updated soon! Wonder if they will update the rest of the website also picture, announcement wise?


It just turned Monday in the Netherlands :wink:


… and order placed! Thanks for all the brilliant work! Happy to help support your efforts!


Shut up and take my money! :slight_smile:

Order placed! I opted for the signed and numbered limited edition by @Elco. :wink:


@Elco, I’m interested in using the spark v3 to control my cold side. I have just purchased two SS Brewtech fermenters and one of their Glycol chillers. Can you please provide me with a layout of what is needed to control the 2 fermenters independently? I am not the most sophisticated person in this area, so any hand holding is very much appreciated. You can email/message me if that’s better than posting on the board. Thanks again for any help!


Don’t forget about the new kegs too!

This is the thread with the good info.

From the brewpi shop I only had to buy

2x temp probes (I bought the extra length to be sure)