Cool and heat cycle times Arduino 0.2.10

Good evening all,
I know that it is not a currently supported piece of hardware but i am running an arduino UNO. I am currently installing atmel studio 7.0 as i think i can open the project in that but i am not very code savvy. In the tempcontrol.h file i would like to make some adjustments to the minimum heating and cooling times as i am using a small radiator and a ptc heater which is causing some wide temp swings with the 3 minute minimum. something like 30 seconds would probably work for me.

Just wondering if someone more skilled than i can make the changes easily, Im hoping to be able to figure atmel studio but we will see.


Hmm well it wont compile in studio as is without me even changing anything…
I get this error and warning
Severity Code Description Project File Line
Error The command " \hardware\tools\avr\avr\bin\nm --demangle --size-sort --print-size -r -td “C:\Users\Steve\Desktop\New folder (7)\firmware-0.2.10\Debug\brewpi-avr.elf” > C:\Users\Steve\Desktop\New folder (7)\firmware-0.2.10\Debug\avr-size.txt" exited with code 3. brewpi-avr D:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\Studio\7.0\Vs\Avr.common.targets 36
Warning enumeration value ‘NUM_STATES’ not handled in switch [-Wswitch] brewpi-avr C:\Users\Steve\Desktop\New folder (7)\firmware-0.2.10\app\controller\TempControl.cpp 236

The same question has been answered here:

Remove the step that uses nm.exe or fix the path.

cool removed the comment and got a hex. trying it out now.

Thank you

Well that fixed it for heating. It appears the cooling problem is the max overshoot estimator isn’t big enough, I’ll have to look to find where to increase the max. There is a fair amount of mass in the radiator so once it gets cold it causes a big swing.

You can also move your sensor closer to the radiator.