End of life release for Arduino

I am happily still using my Arduino. It has it’s quirks but it does the job… I know spark etc is where the development is, but I want to get my old arduino up to latest release as I have not updated since early 2015… Where can I check if l am running latest version? Then how do I update?

The version on the controller is reported when the script starts. If you have 0.2.10, you have the latest version for Arduino.

Thanks Elco but where is the version displayed? When I login to Putty I see the raspberry pi login and I can’t see version in the settings tab…

The other question is where are the instructions on how to download the latest script etc

Keep up the good work by the way…


Does anyone else know how to check Arduino version? In May 4 post Elco says version displayed, but where? When i log into the Pi using putty i dont see a version? Maybe its on the Arduino display but that has never worked on my system i just have a green display. Doesn’t matter because i monitor via PC in my house (beer in shed!),The Arduino works fine other than on long fermentations it stops displaying on my PC - think its to do with large log file. So hoping newer version will fix. I work round it by starting a new log file every week or so… Any help appreciated.

My BrewPi Spark displays the version on the controller screen during start-up, so I believe that is what Elco is referring to.

Per Elco’s reply, you could just go ahead and update to 0.2.10 and then you would be assured you have the latest version for Arduino.

The script will say ‘found BrewPi version x.x.x’ at startup

Login to BrewPi Webpage, under maintenance -> View Logs. Set to auto refresh and then click button to stop the script for a min then click start script. When the logs refresh, you will see the version details on the Arduino Version displayed. Something like “Found BrewPi v0.2.10 build unknown, running on an Arduino Uno with a revC shield on port /dev/ttyACM0”

Brilliant thanks… Have upgraded to last version so can use this to check everything okay… BR