Error 500 - Spark

Looks like I need to restart the spark again.

“fetch”: [
“info”: “/spark-one/discover_objects”,
“body”: “500: NotConnected( not connected)”,
“time”: “Sat Jun 15 2019 22:05:05 GMT-0500 (CDT)”,
“status”: 500
“db”: []

Is this during startup, or halfway normal operation?

Could you please post the result link of brewblox-ctl log so we can see what’s going on in the backend?

During normal operation, just happened to be by the fridge and noticed the flashing Led on the spark.

Brewblox.docx (49.8 KB)


It appears your service fails to discover the Spark.

  • Are you connected over USB, or Wifi only?
  • Is your firmware up to date? (last release: 2019/06/06)
  • As Elco also mentions: what color is the Spark LED?

For future reference: brewblox-ctl log generates a url. You can simply copy that url here.

Flashing which colour?

Connected via WiFi only.
Flashing white