Feature preview: Spark firmware simulator for Raspberry Pi

One feature on our to-do list is to have a demo mode: try out Brewblox before you buy the required hardware.
During the last few months, we kept this in mind while improving our build and deployment system, and we’re nearly there.

If you’re using a desktop computer or Synology NAS, you can already use the firmware simulator. The Raspberry Pi version works, but building it takes a long time.

This is why we now first show the Raspberry Pi version as a preview. It will be included in a normal release Soon™.

Get started

Follow the install instructions at https://brewblox.netlify.app/user/startup.html. Skip Step 6 (flashing the firmware).

If you already have Brewblox installed, run brewblox-ctl update.

Now run the following command:

brewblox-ctl add-spark --name spark-sim --simulation --release edge-sim

Let it restart the services, and go to the UI.
You’ll see the spark-sim service appear in the side bar. Click on it to add it to the UI.
If you have a new install, the default service spark-one is unable to connect to a Spark. Ignore it.

Simulation sensors and actuators

You can still use the Spark pins in the firmware simulator, but OneWire Temp Sensor blocks are always disconnected in the simulator.
You will need to add Temp Sensor (Mock) blocks. These let you manually set the “measured” temperature.

  • Go to the spark-sim service page.
  • Double click on the background, or choose “New block” in the action menu (top right).
  • Create a Temp Sensor (Mock) block.
  • Repeat as often as you want.

You can now run quick start wizards, or build your custom configuration.


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