Fermentrack vs Brewblox

I recently took 0.4mm off the clips because it was too difficult to pop on and later reduced this to 0.2mm.

It seems that you got a 0.4mm less version that is too loose. You shouldn’t have to take it apart ever. If you can make it work, great. Otherwise, just ask us to send you a new case and I’ll mail one to you.

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I see there is a lot of Undervoltage detected! . What can cause this?

Typically this happens when using a wall charger that doesn’t deliver enough power to the Pi.

For a Pi 3B, 2.5A is recommended.

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Another issue I discovered is that this material (eSun EPAHT), carbon fiber reinforced nylon, gets soft when it absorbs moisture. To prevent this, it needs to be annealed in an oven at 130C-145C for 90 minutes. After that, the material will not absorb moisture anymore and keep its hardness.

I will start doing this from now on. It still can be done on existing enclosures that have gotten soft and it will restore their hardness.

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Powered down the spark to put some hot glue on the lcd frame. Powered it on again and it started up fine. Powered it down again to put some magnets on the back and move it and after powering it on again the screen is only white. Tried to turn it on and of again a couple of times but still only white screen. Seems like it is connected and working because I can see it in the brewblox page. Any idea whats wrong?

Never mind. Seems like the screen doesn’t like any pressure at all. When I pulled it apart and had the enclosure loose it worked again. Glued it back again but without pressing it together, just lining up the edges and now its all good …

It’s a touch screen.

Yes, but it wasn’t forced together. I just put it together as it should have been if the hooks were big enough and glued it. Anyway, seems good now :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the touch screen used for something?

Not right now, but work is in progress. Carlos (our intern) has been busy reworking the display code, so we can have shiny features like editable setpoints, user-defined layouts, and notifications.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Is it normal that the temperature sensors are 1C off? I have two I had to adjust -1C offset when I checked them again a thermapen and another thermometer.

It’s not unheard of for sensors to have an offset, but listed accuracy for a OneWire / DS18b20 sensor is 0.5*C after factory calibration.

@Elco will need to weigh in on this, as it’s a hardware thing.

Factory spec is 0.5C accuracy on the DS18B20.
An bath of melting ice would be a good test to see which thermometer is wrong.

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Just tried it. One sensor is 0,19C off, the other is 1,31C off. My thermapen is 0,1C off and another thermometer is also 0,1C off. Both sensors were bought together with the Brewblox.

In the log you previously posted, the fridge sensor has a -1C offset configured. I assume this is a test with the offset back at zero?

If you think you cannot use the sensor reliably, we’ll ship a replacement.

That’s right. I set it to zero before this test.
After setting the offset in ice water i tested the sensors at 20C just to see how it performed. It was a bit off at 20C also so I changed the offset to match at 20C instead. I don’t think I need a new one, I just found it a bit weird that it was over 1C off when it should be max 0,5C off.

I agree, definitely weird. Check if the span is off. If it is, offset correction will not be a good fix.

It’s the fridge sensor, the short one, that’s off. Does it matter much? Beer sensor is not that much off. I have another set, one short and one long sensor, I bought from you a while ago. I can check those and if it’s better i can just swap out the bad one.

If you’re using beer mode, the fridge sensor only supplies graph data, and is not used for control.