Having another proble?

Getting ready to use my cooler as a refrigerator for Thanksgiving and Its have trouble maintaining 40 degf. I’m attaching a short video of what the Spark display is doing… I have disconnected the temperature sensors one at a time and it is still doing this. I have restarted the Spark and the RaspberyPi.

Any ideas ???


It looks like either controller hangups, or periodically disconnecting sensors. Could you please run brewblox-ctl log?


It looks like something is causing errors in onewire communication.
I have seen this in the past because of very long onewire cables or a noisy VFD controlling a pump, causing electromagnetic interference.

If you have 2 onewire sensors running in opposite directions, this could maybe make the problem worse by forming dipole antenna.

All are standard length, maybe 4’ ?? Purchased when I purchased the Spark. The beer and fridge both go into the cooler. Room temp is coiled up on top of the controller. No VFD’s…

Are the sensors continuously lost a come back?
If you try them one by one, is that still the case?
What if you disconnect the 2413/2408 boards?

I have disconnected each sensor one at a time and it dose the same as the video. Each sensor reads +or - .2 DEGF of each other. Not sure what boards you are referring to.

Ah, my fault. Those boards were on the simulator.
So it’s just a spark with 3 sensors plugged in. That’s strange.

We did release an update today. I don’t think it will make a difference, because we didn’t change related things, but please try updating to the latest version just to be sure.

brewblox-ctl update

I believe will do it ??

yes, that should do it. Then afterwards, update the controller through the web interface (it will give a popup).

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Seems to have went well but when I try to start the web page I get this…

Your services are not running.
Run brewblox-ctl up or to ensure the update was not half finished, run brewblox-ctl update again

Did update then brewblox-ctl up still show waiting for data store…

Share another log file please.


Can you try this?
brewblox-ctl fix ipv6 and reboot?

Did above, still waiting for datastore.


What is the output of:
docker-compose ps?

@Bob_Steers looks like the permission error on the monotonic clock in history service is still causing problems.

@rfinley I think you need Bob to fix this. The history service is restarting due to the bug and maybe this is causing the other issues.

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