Help with SSR expansion board

Hi, I’ve just gotten a Photon based BrewPi and am running it with a Raspberry Pi 2 model B. I can’t get the SSRs to behave as I’d like.

I have designed my set-up around 2 fermentation chambers with heating and cooling in each. Future proofed, I know this is not yet available but wanted to just have to do a software update down the track.

I’ve wired everything up as per the rough wiring diagram attached.

I have the web server up and running and it seems to pick up all devices:

  • 5x temp sensors over OneWire
  • 4x DS2413 over OneWire
  • 4x digital pins

I’ve added the 4 DS2413 devices as “installed devices” with the function “manual actuator” to test my wiring work; this is in the web UI, Maintenance panel->Device Configuration. They are added as:

  • Device slot 0, OneWire address 3A430621000000D0, output A
  • Device slot 1, OneWire address 3A430621000000D0, output B
  • Device slot 2, OneWire address 3AC70621000000E6, output A
  • Device slot 3, OneWire address 3AC70621000000E6, output B

All four of my 240v output lines can be controlled, but not independently. Device slot 0 controls two outputs, device slot 2 controls two outputs and device slots 1 and 3 control nothing. By control I mean toggling On/Off in the Maintenance panel->Device Configuration correctly turns the power on or off.

I did notice the duplicate OneWire addresses but had assumed that the output A vs. B would allow for independent control.

Is there anything in my wiring that is incorrect? Or do I need to configure these DS2413 devices differently using the web UI?

I’m running v0.4.2 of the firmware.


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Hi Bill,

I think this might be caused by a bug in 0.4.2. It is fixed in 0.4.3.
I will am finalizing the firmware release now and will post instructions how to try out the beta release as soon as possible.


Hi Bill,

Beta release is now available. Would love to hear whether that resolves the issue.


Hi Elco,

So it turned out to be user error… I had not paid attention to the label on the two daisy chain ports on the SSR expansion board.

It is probably obvious to most, but to hopefully save anyone making the same mistake, the SSR expansion board can be screwed into the SSR input terminals, or connected via wires to the grey terminals.

Both the left* set of grey terminals and the screw terminals are output A. Make sure you only use one of those, and the right* set of grey terminals. Either of the following combinations is fine, the one I went with put both SSRs on output A of the same OneWire bus.

* Left and right when looking at the top of the expansion board with the RJ12 ports at the bottom.


Thanks for informative post - solved my problem with the pinout.
The problem with screwing the board onto the SSR is it increases the overall height of the SSR which you are probably trying to squeeze into a gap by the compressor out of the way of the evaporator overflow.
Now - if only we could mount it the other way up without reversing the polarity…

@jamesmb , @bill & @Ken_Vejbaek I was hoping to ask some questions for help / support based on my current setup with my brewpi and the additional SSR expansion boards I have if you would be able and willing?
based on this discussion and the Connecting the BrewPI and Fridge SSR’s using only one cable
I think I have missed something, cause I have 4x SSR expansion boards which are daisy chained from the Spark from 1x RJ12 port just like I have the temp BREWPI VALVE CONTROL EXPANSION BOARDs connected (wiring wise) but only 2 show up on the web interface of brewblox for the SSR’s. Is this something any of you could help with? Ill provide pictures and layout if you can - thanks!

I still have to add the valve boards to BrewBlox, they won’t show up yet.

@elco I understand the SSR expansion boards aren’t setup yet for Brewblox that is fine - my current inquiry is try to ensure or verify whether or not the current wiring (prep work) is correct for the SSR’s. So In this picture I am basically showing that I got 1 of the displays to show up on the spark (intentional there is only 1 currently). The cable wiring is correct cause it powers on the additional SSRs as you can see with the green LEDs. Currently there are 3x single wires (red, green & yellow) ran from the spark to the SSR boards the rest are NOT connected in the picture but were before (color matching ends). Basically only the + (purple circles) side is connected and based on the previous posts that i referred to I wanted to know where the - (green arrow) part of the cable should connect too.

Because, currently the spark recognizes 2x DS2413 chips, I am assuming these are the larger boards, not the expansion ones from you store, that I have connected over the RJ12 cables.

Here is the relay board with some labels also for reference.

Currently the NO & C are wired but there is nothing on NC currently and that is where i theorize it should be connected too.

Thanks in advance, I hope this is enough info for what I am asking.

So I think the 2413’s are the SSR expansion boards cause I fixed my cable for them now all 4x show up on the “service page”. Otherwise I do like the interface very much and obviously a lot of work has gone into it and it shows and we really do appreciate all the work you guys have done on this. I’m sure there will continue to be questions and inquiries as we go forward, but so far I am pleased. Any thoughts on the wiring portion? Where would python scripts go for brewblox for it to get readings from? what type of device would you categorize a flow meter as? TIA @elco and team!

Hi Elco,
When do you schedule to add the SSR Expansion board to BrewBlox. I am currently controlling my fridge using 2 SSR, the expansion board connected to my Spark One V2 and Brewpi, but would prefer to use BrewBlox.

Cheers Ken

It is already supported.

Ok so I was able to FINALLY! wire my SSR relay boards. the 8x port all the lights have power from the 4x expansion boards and all the lights are illuminated on the relay board. but for the connectors that come out of the BrewPi they do NOT illuminate the lights on the board.

I have tested and verified the wiring is correct, and the board is also functional. I am not sure why or what would cause there to not be enough power from the green/orange power connectors off the Brewpi to not work but out of the RJ12 ports it works just fine… @Elco any thoughts or suggestions?

Can you share how you have connected things?
Did you measure anything? I don’t have much to go on here.

the grey box has the 4x SSR expansion boards. I have a video too that shows that the 4x relay board gets power when booting up but the lights dont stay on after. All the + wires go the the INx on the relay board and the - goes to the GND on the board and those wires are separated by groups of 2 from the expansion boards and from the Brewpi itself also. Then the ground GREEN wires go to ea. relay board.
Measure… um there is 12V coming off the transformer from 110 to 12v and there is 5v off of ea. terminal - 4.33V on the relay for the ones lit up. 0v on the other.
There is 1.38 coming off the Brewpi pins with the green/orange adapter no wires connected (on that port).
The Power supply is a 5V DC 2.5 Amp - which looks like is the Req. power

Please draw a schematic.

Ok it will be a few days for me to update the Visio drawing but will do

It doesn’t need to be pretty, a simple paper drawing would suffice. I’m just not going to decipher what goes where from a photo.

here is a rudimentary version.
All the grounds/negative from the expansion board go to the terminal connector. The + Pos go to the Input on the relays. Between the 2 pictures this should help - i hope.

After the replacement power supplies show up Monday will revisit and test then.
** OK New PS showed up and installed ** still not sure how to better troubleshoot the under voltage issues

ok @Elco from your last comment/update from:

So as I understand: The - terminal on the SSR ex. board, should go to the INx (input) on the 8&4x Relay board.
When you say connect the GND from the Spark to the relay board, you are referring to the green connectors, on the spark correct? cause the actual power supply(s) for Spark & RPI are 110V off of a “ASI IMACP02 Duplex Three Prong Modular Outlet, AC Receptacle, Din Rail Outlet”
Both Relay Boards get power from a: " Mean Well SDR-120-12 DIN-Rail Switching Power Supply, 12VDC, 10A, 120W" - all amazon items. That are wire nut split power and both boards have 12V of power. so they do get the correct amount of juice.
So power goes to the VCC on the relay boards. and the + terminal from both the SSR exp. boards go to the INx - BUT you’re saying to move them to the - Terminal and I shouldn’t need a 2nd wire at all or?
What about the green terminal adapters on the spark, saying only 1 wire? Cause initially my relay boards were buzzing/chattering when I didn’t have them grounded so Im trying to figure out how do I complete the circuit.
Sorry Elco I am trying to process and understand.

@Elco ok so I tried to consolidate the connections here with labels based on what I understand with the +/- terminals and how you suggested to connect it. What I am unsure about is the GND for the relay boards. Obviously this just shows a single connection with the data cable and with the connectors from the Spark.
Currently if the data cable and the exp. boards are connected the relay board lights up, but when I have the connectors off the Spark connected they don’t light up UNLESS i disconnect the data cable. I can’t seem to get both to light up at the same time.
Based on the schematic for the relay boards they are NPN - so im hoping this drawing will help. This drawing is what i would consider reverse/backwards to how it was originally wired, meaning the + terminal went to the input and the - terminal went to the GND.
I hope with all the pics/info I have provided is helpful enough, if you need more please let me know. I’m just trying to figure out what the next/best step is to continue fwd.