Need suggestions on switching between mash & ferment settings

I have ONE Brewpi which i want to use for mashing (works great) & fermenting (works great as well). I need suggestions on how to change between these two in an easy way without lots of manual setup each time…

Using two different Pi2 with pre configured settings or using two preconfigured SD cards.

How to get the settings pushed to the brewPi in an easy way after swithing Pi / SD card?

I think all settings are stored on the photon, so no use swapping SD or Rpi. It would be enough if the settings from the photon can be saved in a file. Then you just loaded the appropriate file in the photon.

And that would allow making a backup too in case the brewpi dies and is replaced.

Can you please help me, where I can find any information on how to config the brewpi for mashing?
I could not find anything to it!

I found it in this thread: