No Web UI with new update

Since trying to update I’m getting nothing when I go to the web UI.

Getting the following when trying to flash the spark.

edge: Pulling from brewblox/firmware-flasher

Get net/http: TLS handshake timeout

Command ‘docker pull brewblox/firmware-flasher:edge’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

Spark is connected by usb.

It failed to pull the updated docker images, that’s what the error said.

You should just try again.

No UI is just a symptom of everything being down.
System down
Update <-- it failed here
System up

Retry the update. If docker stays down, just run brewblox-ctl up to bring it back up and retry brewblox-ctl update again later.


Finally got it to flash the spark this morning, restarted brewblox. Looks like brewblox is dropping connection to spark even though it’s connnected by usb. I got the uI up on my MacBook but I get nothing on iPhone.

This is what I get on my phone.

Please update again, I just fixed a bug that was causing controller crashes.