Our new store is online!


I’m very happy to have finally released a lot of the products we have been working on.

We have put a lot of time and effort in our new stainless parts: our HERMS coils, kettle inlets, diptubes and filters.
But these have not gotten much attention yet.

Please check out this movie:

Any feedback on our new products and on the store itself is very welcome!

Products that will come in about a month:

  • 17V DC pumps with full stainless head
  • 12V DC pumps (smaller, cheaper)
  • Pump controllers
  • Motorized ball valves + controllers
  • RJ12 to SSR boards
  • 17V power supplies
  • 12V power supplies



I will be ordering parts soon. I am waiting for the release of the other parts listed above.


It all looks good!

Can’t wait to see what other products come out. I’m thinking about building a 15bbl brewery so may be able to save some money by using some of this stuff!


Elco, I don’t want to be a pain in your side. But when do you think orders will start shipping? I appreciate that you want to finalise the software for the spark, however my brewpi has a very long way to travel…

I assume I will have to install the software myself even once it is finished. I am happy to wait for the softtare to be done. But I am super keen to start integrating the relays into the fridge etc etc.


Since the BrewPi Spark doesn’t use a Raspberry Pi anymore, shouldn’t the name and logo be updated to reflect that?


Just a thought…


you still need the pi


Yep, the BrewPi Spark replaces the Arduino, not the Pi.


I was wondering when the new products will be added to the store?


a little feedback on the store… Maybe don’t picture the brewpi spark with the power adaptor… i was under the impression i was going to get one!


Pretty sure it is clearly stated in the description how you can power the unit.


maybe i just had it stuck in my head and confused myself with the rPi power adaptor.


Is the BrewPi on back order right now? I am about to make the purchase without the photon and in the cart it is telling me that it is on back order but in the store is telling me it is in stock. @Elco could you assist in this?




Ordered my beginning this week and got it yesterday.
Very quick. :smile:


Yes, the BrewPi Spark is on backorder, because there was a production fault with the enclosures. :frowning: The whole batch needed to be redone. I expect to have them back in stock next week.


Awesome! Thank you @Elco. I will keep an eye on it. That will be the last thing I need to finish up my build on my cooler.


Just received a new batch of enclosures, so they are back in stock :slight_smile:


Awesome! I will be placing my order soon!