Script not running - Windows

I almost configured this monster but there is one thing I stuck with. Script won’t start from page, neither automaticaly or hitting “Start script” button. Script works fine only when I start it manually in command line and all works fine, website can see runnung script and its communicating with page and device correctly.
When script is not lunch manually page trying lunch script using some php (I can see socketmessage.php activity, it returns “Couldn’t write to socket: [10061]…” every 5 seconds.
I’m running Windows 7, WAMP with Apache 2.4.9, Python 2.7.10 and BrewPi Spark 0.2.10
Please help

Starting the script is managed by cron on Linux. A cron job checks every minute whether the script should be running and if it isn’t it is started. A file in the web dir (do_not_run_brewpi) is used as a flag.
On Windows, this is not available.

Regarding the socket connection, please see this post:

The script and web interface should default to using a socket connection.