Spark 3 hangs every few hours

After several hangs of the Spark over the last few days which leaves the Spark in either heating or cooling state. Appears to have last 5hrs this time. I completed a reinstall of brewblox last night. Now again it has hung (blue led)

By the looks of it, the problem seems to be completely on the firmware side. Could you please restart the Spark, and while it’s connected and active, re-run the log command? Right now it’s just giving an error that the Spark is disconnected.

A blue LED means it is in listening mode, which is only triggered automatically if the system layer should be updated, which really should only happen just after a firmware update.

Is this paired with a blank screen or do you have your normal blocks on the display? Is it connected over USB or WiFi?

Hi, I’ld like to jump on this train. I had similar problems (Spark 3 hang up). The result was a deeply frozen glycol chiller (-17°C). I did not investigate into the problem since I feared about my hardware and just unplugged the Spark 3. The only thing I recognized was that the Spark 3 was not reporting the readings anymore / was disconnected from the brewblox server.

I now restarted everything and will monitor it.

@Clrwl04 Any updates/findings on your side?

Can you export your blocks and run ‘brewblox-ctl log’?
We have not been able to reproduce the issue yet.

Normal blocks are on the screen but values are not updating.
Connected over wifi.

Here are the logs with Spark connected.

The reinstall seems to have resolved the value reporting problem. But Spark is still hanging.

Here are my files. The system seems to be fully operational at this point of time. I will repost the logs in case the Spark 3 freezes again.

Exported logs:
Exported blocks:

spark-one_1  | 2021-10-15T06:21:20.887617824Z 2021/10/15 06:21:20 INFO     ...lox_devcon_spark.connection  HandshakeMessage(name='BREWBLOX', firmware_version='bd5b4c26', proto_version='f1b0d77b', firmware_date='2021-09-20', proto_date='2021-09-01', system_version='3.1.0', platform='p1', reset_reason_hex='28', reset_data_hex='00', device_id='3C002B000551353432383931', reset_reason='POWER_DOWN', reset_data='NOT_SPECIFIED')
spark-one_1  | 2021-10-15T06:21:20.951829157Z 2021/10/15 06:21:20 INFO     ...ox_devcon_spark.block_store  <ServiceBlockStore> Read 36 blocks
spark-one_1  | 2021-10-15T06:21:21.020750044Z 2021/10/15 06:21:21 INFO     ...evcon_spark.synchronization  System uptime: 0:00:08.865000
  • When the connection was restored, the uptime of the spark was just 8 seconds and the reset reason was a power cycle. Did you unplug the power yourself?
  • On the top right corner of the display are 2 percentages for current and peak memory use, what do say?
  • Can you export your blocks from the spark page in the UI so I can load them on a Spark here to see if I can reproduce the issue?

Hi @Elco,

this is the json I downloaded from the UI: brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (22.6 KB)

I did not disconnect the spark from the power supply (intentionally).

The Spark froze again. Here are the logs I just exported:

I will restart the service now and look for the requested information on the display.

The logs after the restart:

The display reads: 69% and 75%

I’m monitoring the setup remotely and using iot to power cycle the Spark while it’s misbehaving. I may power cycled more than once.

I can get the usage figures later

Latest logs after latest hang

Exported Blocks.
brewblox-blocks-spark-one_clrwl04.json (16.0 KB)

Another hang overnight, just power cycled the Spark and here are the logs.

Another hang this time led was solid green, screen not updating (checked with temp sensor) Brewblox reported Spark as disconnected.

Here are the logs

Men usage figures before boot
67%. 71%

Just a short heads up: I also had additional hangs.
I’ll be on vacation this week and not able to support the debugging. I wish you goo luck in nailing this issue down.

Another hang this evening. Remote power cycled here are the logs.

Did not last long another hang again logs are here.

Will apply updates this evening.

I have been trying to reproduce the issue on a Spark here, but without success so far.
Can you use the reset button instead of power cycle next time? That might give us a bit more info as it doesn’t clear some info on what it was doing before the crash.

I also noticed that you have a few disconnected temp sensors. Can you try whether removing the physically disconnected sensors helps?

Al update applied last night. But found hung again this evening.
Memory 67% 71%
Led Solid Green

Will remove extra sensor blocks this evening

Removed the extra sensor blocks and the spark hung

Exported blocks
brewblox-blocks-spark-one_clrwl04 (1).json (15.1 KB)