Spark 3 randomly rebooting

There’s a screen cap of the time since reboot. It appears to be stable now.

Thought it was good but had another reboot.

Thanks for the log. Those really help with finding the problem.

The reboots are triggered by the firmware watchdog detecting that the firmware hasn’t done anything for a minute.

The last bug we fixed with this behavior was caused by the Wifi stack: it would hang if it couldn’t connect.
We’re not sure yet it’s the culprit again, but it’s a good place to start looking.

You can try removing the Wifi credentials by holding down the setup button for ten seconds until it rapidly blinks blue. If Wifi is the problem, that should stop the reboots.

In the meantime, we’re still trying to reproduce the bug, or find possible culprits in the source code. We’ll let you know if know something more.

His last log shows a hard fault reset, not a watchdog time out.
So I’ll try to reproduce it by running the same blocks.

@blkmagik98 Can you export your blocks from the Spark service page?

I can’t seem to grab them from the log export. (@Bob_Steers we should make that export compatible).

Here are the blocks. brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (9.7 KB)

BrewBlox had been up almost 30 hours with no issues but had the screen up while I was cleaning my beer lines and noticed that it lost the IP address.

And now the reboot…

The Spark 3 is currently up over 38 hours, which is the longest by far. The only things I changed were- rebooted the router and changed from a fermentation profile to a beer constant as fermentation was complete.

The Spark 3 has now been up for over 4 days with no issue, and I switched it back to the fermentation profile but with same temp over multiple days with no issues. Evidently the router reboot fixed whatever the issue was.