Tilt Hydrometer

I am considering a Tilt Hydrometer. I see that there is a tilt widget in BrewBlox. Is this plug-and-play?

You’ll need to run an install script to add the backend service, but after that values show up automatically

Roger, thanks! I am the sort of person who needs very detailed instructions for running the said install script. Can you please help me here?
Also, I assume and hope that I can run the tilt stuff on the BrewBlox R-Pi. Is there capacity for running TILT PI V2 from the tilt hydrometer company together with BrewBlox?

In the repository I linked are instructions. It’s two lines of code to copy/paste and run in the terminal.

I think you can use both tilt pi and brewblox for the same tilt, but I’m not sure. Maybe @j616s can give a definite answer.

I’m not sure. I’ve never tried it. Tilt Pi is a buster-based distribution so you’d want to use that as the thing you first install on the SD card. But the process of installing brewblox should be the same after that. I’m unsure if there’d be problems with multiple pieces of software trying to access the bluetooth receiver, though.

Got my Tilt today. Threw it in a jug of water, ran the install script, added the service in BrewBlox - voila.
Works out of the box. Took me some minutes to realize I had to install / configure a Tilt service in de BrewBlox UI.

@j616s - thank you for the amazing work. :slight_smile:

Can’t take all the credit. Think it was @Bob_Steers who wrote the install script and the new UI stuff. I did the bits under the hood that connect to the tilt and extract the data :slight_smile:

Brewblox/tilt service and the tilt app work just fine in parallel. The Tilt is broadcasting a bluetooth beacon that any client can receive and decode as needed.

The problem is more likely to be on the client side: if the Tilt Pi software and Brewblox run on the same Pi, they have to share the Bluetooth receiver on that Pi.

I’m personally not familiar with the Tilt Pi software, and still don’t fully understand the mechanisms involved with accessing Bluetooth from a Docker container. It may work, it may not, but if it doesn’t, then it’s unlikely that there’s a quick and easy solution.

Is it feasible to have the full amount of valid digits for the SG and Plato?!

If you open metric settings, you can set the shown number of decimals for each field. Click on the field name in the selection tree to edit. (The same goes for the graph widget)

A small step…
WOW - wonderful - thanx !