Up And Running but not now

So my system has been up and running for some time with little issues. Today my fermenter was running in fridge mode at 40° F for some time. Today I came down to this…

The Raspberry Pi was not connected to my wifi. I restarted it and after a couple restarts have it connected.
The Spark 3 has a slow blinking LED but no temperature indications on it. I’m not sure the RaspberryPi is working right. Can’t login to it over wifi. Looks normal if I connect a monitor to it though.
Where should I start…


How are you trying to login over wifi? The .local address, or by IP?
Does the UI respond?

IP address in a browser. It times out. Over wifi.
Seems I can’t ping it either…

Are you using the address of the pi, not the spark? Just checking to be sure.

I’ll have a look at recovering onewire sensors when they are lost, there might be an issue there.

There’s also a bug at particle that causes hangups. I sent them a fix and hope to get an answer asap.

Yes, the IP of the PI

I ran a cat5 cable to my router and I can see it in the browser now…

If you now run ifconfig on the Pi, does it have an IP address for wlan0?

Yes, I should have told you that was the fist thing I checked.

All the temperature sensors show this…

If you run a discover new onewire blocks from the browser, do they come back?

From here ???

If so, no. I plugged in a new one in a spare port and it didn’t find it either.

Even if you unplug all? It could be a stuck sensor holding the bus down or the bus master hanging somehow.

That was it !! I unplugged each sensor and as soon as I unplugged the fridge sensor the other came to life.

To replace it do I just plug in the replacement and pick it for the fridge ??

To use the new sensor in existing configuration:

  • plug in the new sensor.
  • discover onewire devices.
  • go to the original fridge sensor block.
  • from the block toolbar actions, pick Swap OneWire address.
  • swap with the newly discovered sensor.
  • remove the newly discovered block, as it is now linked to the OneWire address of the broken sensor.

Great, the only issue is I can’t see it on wifi. You think that might be a firmware fix coming soon ??

What is the “it” here? The Pi, or the Spark?

"What is the “it” here? The Pi, or the Spark? " Pi

We don’t have any firmware running on the Pi. I can help take a look at the wifi issue, but discord may be more convenient for that.

Was it a sensor you bought from us? Was it stuck temporarily and dit it start working when you plugged it back in or was it broken?

Original sensor that I got when I originally bought the original Brewpi. I purchased two extra at the time. This is the package of the one I just installed. I’m back up and running, just have to figure out why the wifi on the RaspberryPi isn’t working. Could the sensor failing effect the Pi ?? Wifi crapped out at the same time.