Wall bracket for mounting the BrewPi Spark

I am replying to a question I saw elsewhere on the forum, how to mount the BrewPi Spark?

We have thought about this:

  • Screw holes in the bottom is not really a solution, because you would need access to the back of the plate you are mounting too.
  • Flanges on the outside would be ugly and make the enclosure bigger and more expensive

So we went with mounting slots on the short edges (you probably wondered what those slots were for), combined with a custom bracket.

Please see the drawing below. I am still looking for a supplier to bend this piece of steel plate for me. Tips welcome.

BrewPi_Spark_wallmount_500_drawing.pdf (178.3 KB)

With this mounting plate, you can take the controller off the wall and pop it back.

Looks like a good addition. I like the idea of being able to pull it out. I was thinking about going with an ipad mount similar to the one below. This works for my purposes to bring the brewpi up from my brew bench.


Looks good to me! Like the snap-on/snap-off concept!

That mount looks good.

Here is one I 3D printed, doesn’t fit tight but gets it on the wall!

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Very nice!

I changed my plans for the new photon based version.
The board will have stainless threaded inserts to mount it to the bottom plate.

So I hope I can buy some M3 bolts with neodynium magnets in their head.

Like this, but with longer thread: http://www.supermagnete.nl/eng/pot-magnets-with-threaded-stem/pot-magnet-with-threaded-stem-diameter-13mm-neodymium-n42-nickel-plated_GTN-13

These seem to be exactly what I need:

Fellow US BrewPi users can get these state side: http://www.kjmagnetics.com/products.asp?cat=110 or http://www.kjmagnetics.com/products.asp?cat=111

For Europeans, I recommend these: http://www.supermagnete.nl/eng/pot-magnets-with-countersunk-borehole/countersunk-pot-magnet-diameter-16mm-neodymium-n38-nickel-plated_CSN-16