BrewBlox Basic questions

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 2b04:c008

This is your Spark. You can now flash the firmware.

Hi Bob,
Everything went fine, however I got an exception on the command brewblox-ctl wifi concerning the particle firmware. Should I do something with that before proceeding?
BR Ken
Respond to brewblox-ctl wifi command.txt (1.2 KB)

Please re-run the commands from your brewblox install directory ~/brewblox.
You can ignore the message about upgrading particle-cli.

Should I reply No to scan for nearby wi-fi networks?
BR Ken

Correct: it doesn’t work well from inside a docker container, so best to select “no”.

Hi Bob,
Everything seems to be successfully installed :smile:
Which of the Brewblox menu points should I proceed having the system “up and running”?
BR Ken

You can run the BrewPi classic wizard to get a Brewpi-like configuration (heating, cooling, choice between beer temp and fridge temp).
In the menu on the left, click Wizardry -> Arrangements -> BrewPi Classic wizard.

Hi Bob,
The wizard you are talking about is that the one shown in Step 8? Is it started from the 17 points menu that is shown by executing brewblox-ctl command?
BR Ken

The one in step 8. You configure and use your brewery from the UI. From now on you only need the command line to update your system.

I thought that I could execute the system from the IP address (
BR Ken

Execute? You open the UI by visiting the IP address of your Raspberry Pi in your web browser.

That’s right! I have however installed Rasbian-stretch-lite with no window dialog s. I am now not sure how to find the IP address for the UI. When I ping both and 19 I got a response.
BR ken

I think I know what’s wrong. I am now able to run 5GHz IP network from the computer I currently have. And I have setup the Rapberry Pi on our 5 GHz network. Could you please guide me on how to install Google Chrome to be running on Raspberry PI with Rasbian-stretch-lite installed?

An easy way to check the actual IP of your raspberry is to install the app “fing” on your phone.

Then go to that address in the browser on your other computer (not the pi).

Yes, but I need to install chromium browser on the PI, since the PI is running on 5GHz network. I have been running both of the below commands on the PI, but Chrome does not start when rebooting?
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser --yes

How to start Chromium Browser, since it doesn’t start at rebooting?

The Pi says the IP is on pts/0 which complies with results on fing!

Hi Ken,

Two questions:

  1. Why do you want a web browser on the Pi?
  2. Why do you think the web browser is related to the band of your wifi network?

The most typical setup involves the Pi just acting as a server that a) communicates with spark, b) stores data, and c) serves up a webpage/control panel that you can access using a web browser on other computers in your home network. As such, the typical setup involves people using the Pi as a “headless server”, this means the Pi has no monitor or keyboard attached, instead you use the program “ssh” to remotely connect to it from another computer on your network. The entire brewblox system can then be setup through the command line from this other computer using ssh. Once everything is online, then you can then use a web browser on another computer to connect to the brewblox control panel running on the Pi webserver.

It’s because most people use this “headless server” setup that raspbian lite is recommended. The difference between raspbian desktop and raspbian lite is that the latter does not include files for a graphical desktop. This is probably why you can’t install chromium (which is a graphical program that depends on a graphical desktop interface).

I’m not sure I’m understanding your problem with the 5Ghz wifi but… Raspbian lite (the operating system) should natively support dual band wifi regardless of which web browser (if any) is used. If you are having a problem with 5Ghz wifi, I suspect your problem is that the raspberry pi itself only supports 2.4 Ghz. It appears that the Raspberry Pi 3 only supports 2.4 Ghz, while the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ supports 2.4 and 5 Ghz wifi. If this is your problem, you could get a usb wifi dongle that supports 5 Ghz. Just make sure to get one that is compatible with linux (these days most are).

Hope this helps.

I need the PI running chromium since I have installed the PI in my brewery. The PI is a 3 B+ which according to description is capable of running dual band and there by 5GHz.
I did a mistake by installing headless rasbian lite rather than the full version , and now I try to install the chromium browser afterwords. The PC I am currently sitting at is only running single band 2.5GHz whcih have a different SSID than the 5GHz network.
The strange thing is that when I connect from puTTY to the PI from the PC by using everything works, but I cannot browse BrewBlox UI from this IP?

Cheers Ken

Ah, so I’m guessing that you want to also use the Pi for web browsing while in the brewery. In any case, Chromium should install and run fine using the full version of raspian.

It seems to me that figuring out how to turn off network isolation between the bands on your wifi router is your best bet–if it’s not already off, which the ssh connection success suggests. Are you sure that the brewblox services are running? What is the result of brewblox-ctl status?

Hi Austin,

The Pi has an IP address as used whilst communicating from puTTY to PI during installation, which worked just fine. But I cannot browse Brewblox UI from any other available IP’s found with fing?

The results of brewblox-ctl status? as shown below. I am not sure what command or index should be entered.
Welcome to the BrewBlox menu!
Running commands: status?
Please type a command name or index, and press ENTER.

The ? is not part of the command. The command is:

brewblox-ctl status