Chamber fan does not work

I have configured a 220v fan with its corresponding SSR

The refrigerator cools and heats properly, I have set the fan output as chamber fan. But the fan never works, in manual mode the ssr output and the fan works properly

What I can be doing wrong ? Any suggestions?

I have seen a lot of post and searched a lot of information about it and I find nothing.

Is the fan chamber still operating on the latest firmware?

According to this post from version 0.4 is no longer included

In previous versions it was turned on and off whenever the function was active: heating or cooling

In case it can not be used because it continues as a configurable device in the web interface?

Is there any way to program this output to recover its functionality?

Thank you

You can set it to be a manual actuator on the chamber. That gives you an “on” and “off” button on the configuration page that you can use to turn it on/off manually. I believe that’s the best you can do with the current software.

I’d personally like to see it brought back so they’re enabled all the time unless you set the temp control mode to “off”.

This is how I currently have it configured.

But I do not think it’s the right thing, of course the temperature will be more homogeneously distributed. But to make that configuration, it is not necessary to connect a ssr, or connect the fan to brewpi spark or arduino, or anything like that. , If the function of the configuration “chamber fan” does nothing. Why does the function still exist in the web interface?

Do you know of any way to program the fan differently?

I can think of a good idea, for intervals of time, or for example when the “heating” or “cooling” function starts to turn on the fan, and stay a while later on then finish the “heating” or " Fighting "

Anyway I still consider a great work by brewpi and this community

thanks to all !!

I still do testing, the function “chamber fan” does nothing

Does anyone know how it works or does something?

The function chamber fan does nothing on the BrewPi Spark.

It is recommended to use a fan continuously on low speed. If you want to be able to turn it on and off, you can install it as a manual actuator.

OK thank you very much

Currently I have it so configured

Is the chamber fan going to be added back in?
I hack a space heater to use the fan for both cooling and heating but considering a new schematic if this function will be left out on feature releases.

When I hacked my space heater I separated the heating element and the fan into separate circuits so I could run just the fan while it was cooling. As a safety I added some jumpers with diodes between the heater SSR and the fan SSR just in case the fan circuit did not turn on (or was no longer functioning in the software!). You could do the same to run the fan for heat or cool without the software controlling it.

Yes, I think it will make a comeback, but better. It used the just ON whenever the heater or cooler was ON. When I put it back in, I’ll code it that it runs when one of the associated actuators is on AND a configurable time afterwards.