Raspberry Pi Server screen went dark


It appears that the Raspberry Pi Server stopped in between batches. It is all powered and connected to the Spark3. The main question is without a screen how do I shut it down ?? All the reading I’ve done has me petrified to power it down… It has always had a keyboard, mouse, and HDMI connected to a monitor.


Are you using the original Brewpi software, or BrewBlox?

If I understand correctly, your Pi is still powered (Spark is connected through the Pi, and is still on), but your connected monitor went dark?


Yes, Using BrewPi, Spark is powered, monitor is “blank” backlit can be seen (monitor does work ). Can’t callup BrewPi using WiFi on my laptop either. Some pictures



Are you not using the web interface from another laptop? Most users don’t connect a screen to the pi and only log in remotely.

Did you enable ssh?


I must have, right ?? It has been running. I have four batches fermented using it. I have the monitor next to the fermenter just trending the profile. Don’t login with the laptop too often but when I noticed the monitor was dark I tried. I can’t ping it either so I guess unplug and keep my fingers crossed ???


Even back in Legacy, the RPi serves the web pages and allows you to configure the controller. Unless you are expecting a complex temp profile (where the RPi will have something to do) rebooting will not be an issue. The controller should do what it’s supposed to do.

So … without a screen. Try to SSH to it. If you need instructions on that, Googling it will give you a plethora of information. Hopefully you enabled SSH. If not and/or if it does not work you’re left will pulling the power and hoping for the best.


Powered down and did a full image of the SD card… only have the USB cable from the Spark and
power connected. Screen shot from my laptop over WiFi… Time will tell I guess.